Rainbow Emo

Ever since the start of high school, Ace has been mentioning “scene kids,” how this or that new friend is “scene,” and now, today, how he himself is “scene.”

Scene kid?

“Do you know what I’m talking about, Mom?” Ace asked.

“Nope. Not a clue,” I answered.

Ace decided to educate me.

“So a scene kid is really into music . . . like screamo and hardcore stuff. They’re kind of emo, but with a lot of bright colors, like neon skinny jeans and stuff like that,” he explained.

“Like Rainbow Emo?” I queried.

“Yeah, that’s kind of it,” he said.

Ok, then. Rainbow Emo. Why not? It certainly sounds like Ace’s already existing music and style. At least it’s more colorful than the all black that was my customary uniform in high school.

Oh, and today we started with eyeliner. This is also apparently part of scene.

When Tink and I got home from school, Ace came to the door, and his eyes were ringed with red like he been punched in both eyes.

“What happened to your eyes?” Tink asked.

“A bunch of my friends decided I would look good with eyeliner, so they sat on me and put eyeliner on me,” he laughed.

I looked closely. Yep, I could see a black outline smudged around the edges of his eyes.

“Until you are used to makeup, it will make your eyes water and get irritated ,” I told him.

“They said they are going to do it again tomorrow because they think it looks good on me,” he said this cautiously, while giving me a sideways glance, trying to figure out what I would say about my son wearing eyeliner.

“I don’t care if you wear eyeliner,” I said. “Half my male friends in the 80s wore eyeliner. It’s hardly anything new. You might get hassled for it though.”

“I know. I don’t care.,” he said, grinning at me.

He wants me to teach him how to put eyeliner on tomorrow before school.. . . my Rainbow Emo boy.