Good dog: Keeping the nightmares away

Tonight, after Tink was in bed, Ace stood outside her bedroom door and hummed the song from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Now Tink is sleeping in my bed.

Sometimes big brothers can be complete jerks.

Tink has never seen Nightmare on Elm Street. Neither has Ace, for that matter. One of Ace’s friends just described the movie to Ace once and then he described it to Tink. Then she saw a Freddy Kruger mask in a Halloween costume catalogue and that’s all it took.  Once Ace caught on, he made sure she knew this song came from that movie. Now all he has to do is sing it to bring that scary Freddy Kruger face into her mind.

Such a jerk move.

Tink suffers from an abundance of imagination and worry, combined with a tenuous relationship with sleep. She is my daughter, the poor thing. It doesn’t take much to make her bolt from her bed.

I’ve never seen Nightmare on Elm Street either because I don’t like nightmares. I don’t like to be scared. I do not do horror movies of any kind, ever.  I find the world terrifying enough without someone having to make up horrors, thank you very much. I don’t need pictures in my brain that I can’t dislodge.  I still haven’t fully recovered from seeing that pin cushion head guy from Hellraiser 25 years ago.

So Ace is grounded tomorrow for intentionally terrifying his sister.

Fortunately, Tink is still young enough that her parent’s bed is a place protected from nightmares. And just in case that’s not enough to keep the mental Freddy Krugers at bay, Penny is standing guard over Tink’s dreams, just like a good dog should, until morning.

Keeping away the nightmares. Good dog.