One over-scheduled weekend

We survived the weekend . . . barely. I actually feel hungover today and yet I did not imbibe any adult beverages this weekend. I feel hungover because the weekend was so busy it basically just ran me down like an angry rhinocerous. It knocked me over, stamped around on me, tossed me up in the air with its horn, and then stamped on me some more.

I had fun. . . but, yes, Mom, I’m admitting it . . . it was probably too much fun. It was just one of those weekends where everything happens at the same time, but you don’t realize it until it’s too late to change it. This weekend was not just a rhinoceros . . . it snuck up on me . . . it was a ninja rhinoceros.

And I have no one to blame but myself. I’m the one in charge of the family calendar and the kid activities. I let the kid activities get out of hand.

The weekend included sleepovers of Friday for both kids, a swim meet for both kids on Saturday morning, an Irish Festival where I was running a dance show and  Tink was dancing in the afternoon, and Sunday morning, another swim meet for Tink and then raft night at the pool.

I’m actually still too exhausted to make words sound pretty, so here are some pictures. I need to go lay down on the floor some more.


Saturday morning

Piranha in the pool

Finishing Strong

Swimmers, on your mark






(She is clearly so ready to swim again. That’s a yawn. . . durning her relay. . . . )



365/173 Raft Night

**IT Guy and my mom took a lot of these pictures. I’m too tired to give proper credit though. If you like the picture, just assume it wasn’t mine.**