The mystery of my husband’s hairless legs

This is a completely serious question about men’s leg hair.

No, really.

See, here’s the thing. IT Guy, while not hairy enough to be a Sasquatch double, has a decent amount of guytastic body hair.  Chest, belly, arms. Nothing thick enough to be mistaken for a sweater, but he’s got some manly body fur . He can also grow a beard in a day, and he’s got a ton of hair on top of his head despite his advanced age of 42. Not only is he not going bald, his hair is thick enough to supply an entire bald men support group.

In short, he’s a fairly hair guy,

Except for his legs.

He’s losing his leg hair around his ankles, shins and calves.

This is weird and kind of annoying because I’m the one who is supposed to have silky, smooth legs and I still have to shave. IT Guy’s not really in need of silky, smooth shins, but he’s got them, no razor required.

We first noticed the bareness when he was in his mid-30s.  “Um, didn’t you used to have hair on your ankles?”  Slowly the hair line receeded – not back on his forehead, just up the back of his calves.  IT Guy said, “Hey, maybe I’m going bald from the ankles up instead of the head down!” He had a little less hair each year until now, at 42, he basically appears to have worn socks filled with depliatory.  He’s got a sock hairline!  It’s, um, well, different?


Once we noticed his increasingly hairless calves, we started looking around at other guys’ legs.  OK, well, mostly I started looking around at other’s guys’ legs. (The things you have to for research.)

Here’s what I’ve noticed after exhaustive (and scientific) oogling of guys in shorts: there are a lot of guys walking around with silky smooth lower legs.

What is up with that?  Is it from wearing socks? IT Guy’s theory is it is from wearing long pants all the time. Can you get ankle alopecia?

Is this where the nose and ear hair comes from? It’s just leg hair that wanted a better view?

Guys, have you lost any of the hair on your lower legs? Ladies, do your guys still have their shin hair?

I’m just really curious if this is a common phenomenon among men.  If it keeps moving up IT Guy’s legs, he might be able to start a second career as a drag queen without having to invest in waxing!

Such a pretty princess

Or not.

Help me solve this mystery! Tell me about your leg hair!

(Just a side note: he’s had several physicals since this whole hairless leg thing started and he is completely healthy, so it doesn’t appear to be a medical issue.)