a perfect date

With the kids away, IT Guy and I got to have a date night. I rode the subway downtown and met him at his office. We walked to Merkado for dinner


I had scallops, spinach, plantains and a very yummy Mojito. I drank the entire thing which is unprecedented. The meal was delicious and we got a bonus surprise when the bill came because everything was “on sale.” I’ve never had someone at a restaurant tell me my meal was “on sale”, but I could get used to the “on sale” prices.  Sadly, Merkado is closing in a few days, so I guess it was a Going Out of Business sale.  Too bad because I would dine there again.

We set off, me on my I-drank-an-entire-Mojito-and-now-I-feel-like-Gumby legs, to the Landmark E theater where we saw Hamlet 2. This movie was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time and Ben agrees, so it wasn’t just the Mojito. It is irreverent, unexpected, occasionally just really, really wrong and it features very creative and unrelenting use of profanity. I am not usually a fan of profanity for profanity’s sake, but it is in the top 3 things I loved about this movie. It is just flat out hilarious and there are about 50 things I want to quote, but I’ll end up with an X-rated blog if I do. Oh, yeah — it’s about a high school drama teacher putting on his new play, Hamlet 2. The big musical number is called “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” and about half the theater walked out humming the tune.

After the movie, we decided to walk the 7 or so blocks back to Ben’s office. It was a perfect night — cool and clear which is unusual for DC in August. I stopped at Starbucks and got a Chai for the walk. Then we met, Gary, whom at first I thought was a homeless advocate, but turned out to be homeless himself. Gary talked to us about the power of love, asked us to hold hands and then sang “The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face” to us (well, mostly to IT Guy). It strange, but rather nice. He was just spreading the good karma.

A few blocks later we saw this.

These poles are on the sidewalk in front of 1101 Vermont Ave, NW. They are a giant musical instrument. When you touch the pole, it lights up and chimes. The chime changes depending on which section of the pole you touch. You can walk through the poles and “play” them. I felt like I was in a Star Trek movie.

This is the lobby of the building. Doesn’t it look like it should be in The Matrix?

A good dinner, a great movie, a long walk, a Chai Tea and a little bit of unexpected wonderment . . . all with my favorite guy . . . that is a perfect date.