My son the male model

Ace is convinced he is now famous.

Ace has been growing his hair long like some of his friends at school. Since he started with a buzz cut, it has been taking some time. We just entered the awkward phase with the bangs in the eyes when he announced he wanted another buzz cut. I tried to convince him there was something between long hair and no hair, but to no avail. So I made an appointment for him with my hair stylist, Gwen at Alchemy Hair Salon. While we were waiting for Gwen, Ace changed his mind. He wanted another mohawk.

I let him have one a few summers ago, but he was so shy about it that he would never style it up. Eventually, it got shaved off and we were back to the buzz cut. This time he was sure he would wear it up. He was motivated by the receptionist, Lance, who had a mohawk. Gwen told Ace that Lance is a sponsored BMX rider and Ace was sold. 30 minutes later, Ace has a mohawk.

Gwen was happy. So happy in fact that she asked Ace to come back the next day for a professional photo shoot the salon was holding to get photos for their website and the stylist’s portfolios. Ace got a cool haircut and now he had his first photo shoot.

We returned the next day to find the salon full of models having their hair styled, make up applied and wardrobe selected. Ace already had the clothes to go with his new “do”, so he hit the styling chair for some last minute styling.

p1040071.JPG p1040075.JPG

While Ace was in the chair, the photographer arrived and set up all his lights and equipment. Wisely, they chose to shoot Ace first.

A male model is born.


Or maybe not. “Mom! These lights are too bright!”


That’s better.


The photographer wanted some attitude, but all he got were giggles.

Ace was feeling pretty self-conscious in front of all those people. The shyness was winning. Then Gwen put on some “MJ” (Ace’s name for Michael Jackon) circa the 1980s.



A little “Beat It” and suddenly Ace really is Working It.


Ace LOVED it. He was pumped up for several hours afterward. It is going to take weeks for his ego to returns to its normal size.

p1040112.JPG Thanks, Gwen.