The IT guy broke my blog

If you stopped by earlier today, you may have noticed a new banner picture of a pretty road and some trees. You may have also noticed my picture changed to a strange cartoon man with no face and brown hair.

I was surprised, too. I logged on to reply to a comment and saw the strange photos. The most strange part was the new banner picture actually fit the tone of my blog quite nicely. I might have picked it myself . . . except that I didn’t. It occurred to me that someone may have hacked my blog, disapproved of my banner and replaced it with one they found more pleasing. As for the cartoon man with no face and brown hair, not a good look. If I was going to be a cartoon, I like to entertain the idea that with my white hair and black eyebrows I could be a Japanese anime character. Much cooler than Mr. No Face.

In case you aren’t aware, I am a computer dunce. I only learn what I need to learn to get by, mainly because I’m too lazy to learn more. Computers do not capture my imagination; to me, they are just tools. I am heavily enabled in this behavior by my computer genius of a husband. Really. Computer genius. Husband can figure out how to do just about anything, except get me to apply myself to learning about computers. Long ago, he decided it was just easier to be Megan’s Personal IT Guy than to try and explain anything to me. I’m OK with this arrangement.

When I discovered the weirdness of my blog today, I addressed it in the only way I know how. I fired off a frantic email to husband. “My blog is broken and I don’t know what happened. HELP!” I hit Send.

The phone rang immediately. The IT department was really responsive today! It was indeed my personal IT guy, but instead of calling to tell me the problem was fixed, he said, “I broke your blog. Sorry.”

What? My IT guy doesn’t break blogs, he fixes them. Turns out he had read my previous post and decided to give me a dedicated page for my Louie posts to keep Louie at the top of the page. In the process of executing this sweet gesture though, he had to update the software which somehow led to the weird picture swaps. I don’t know how. I have an IT guy for this stuff.

It seems we are all better now. I can’t be upset at the IT guy because he meant well. I also can’t be upset at the IT guy because I am completely dependent on him. I am considering that I may need to learn a bit more about the technical aspects of blogging, so I’m a little more self-sufficient . . . . but I probably won’t . Did I mention the IT guy is kind of cute?